Why did I create this platform?

A lot of people are asking me why I built this…

I figured I’d just make a post that I can refer back to instead of saying the same thing over and over again.

The truth is, I needed this platform.

Everyday I’m bombarded with questions like. Hey do you know “a good wordpress guy or gal”. Or “Do you know a decent “facebook ads dude”. You name I get it.

And I think that’s awesome. The fact that they trust my judgment in people is great and I want to make sure that I can hook them up with the right people.

I started thinking about how many people are now working online that are competent and trusted by their peers.

Millions? At least right?

I wanted to make a platform for trusted peers to form different unique groups.

People that work online should have close knit circles of people that do different things that they can reach out to easily if they want to get involved with a project..

These loose federations, intimate groups, inner circles, posse, cliques, squads cadres, gangs — whatever you want to call them — can’t be a bad thing to have around.

I believe the ability to decentralize these social circles cross platform will appeal to different people.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand going on Facebook anymore.

And lets be honest — LinkedIn is hella-wack.

I just want something simple where people can work online together in abundance.

As for me, I’ve been working online for as long as I remember.

I just don’t think it was as prevalent or really thought of as a possible profession or career path, back in the Commodore 64 Days.

But really, with the state of things now, it’s almost as if every profession can be done in some form or fashion online.

And if you’re good at your profession, there’s a million different ways to educate others, and help people around the world.

Literally, anyone can be an online worker these days.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to earn a living solely working online, and it’s been truly great.

I’ve owned other businesses that were location locked, and it’s a big bummer having to commute and also deal with a crazy rent, just to do business.

Working remotely and working online has given me my true sense of what freedom is.

With that said, I’ve also worked with a lot of kick ass people, that have made my projects better.

These connections were created through personal connections, and also through teams with other companies.

The part that always gets tricky is when money is involved with all of these different people.

Even for me, when I do agency work, and I involve “people within my organization”, at some point, I know these people are going circumvent me at this point and either A) Take my clients B) Get their own projects that pay more thus making my work less satisfying for them — and then have to give them raises or they bounce.

Sound familiar.

That’s why I want a space where it’s more about circles and trust. And for a lot of people, lines get crossed and they don’t want to with that individual, or vouch for their work.

I think it would be great to have these types of settings in a fresh and simple way.

I’m going to keep this free for now, but will most likely bake in premium features, ads and different training opportunities.

Hopefully, people will create some really great groups and we can collectively work together, and share the ever abundant opportunities there are to work online.


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  1. On the payments thing, I’m curious what you think about cryptocurrencies in the freelancing world? I noticed you even mentioned “decentralizing” these online platforms lol which I know wasn’t meant in quite that way but still. I’m not sure if you’ve already written anything about crypto for freelancers & clients or used it yourself for that kind of thing…I have and I think it’s kinda The Future, especially for this type of use case.

    1. @jdally987 I assume it’s going to be a bigger and bigger deal, but who knows. I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with it too much because I’m American and run everything through my American business, and mostly deal with American clients, but I see how it gets dicey when you’re a citizen in other countries.

      Transferring money back and forth is a costly nightmare that I think/hope will dissipate with currencies that can be freely traded country to country.