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See how I went from a freelancer that was trading his time for money to an agency owner that now makes money without being even at my computer. All through Upwork!

Adam Palmer · February 18, 2024

How I Went From Freelancer to 7-Figure Agency Owner

In this course, we’re going to cover…

  • Why Upwork agencies are a great opportunity for freelancers.
  • How to shift your mindset from freelancer to agency owner.
  • The various income streams available to Upwork agencies.
  • How to set up your agency business, including creating a company, finding an accountant, and getting insurance.
  • How to manage payments, including payment amounts and methods.
  • How to set up an agency profile on Upwork, including creating a portfolio and writing a bio.
  • The technology you’ll need to manage your agency, including collaborative tools, Trello, G Suite, Slack, Loom, and Go High Level.
  • How to bid for jobs and handle calls with clients.
  • How to recruit new team members and expand your agency.
  • How to create “gravity” and build up your team.

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