The status of working online.

I remember only like 10 years ago how out of the ordinary it sounded to tell someone that you work online.

People often equated with this type of work with the various scams that plagued the internet back in the day, like stuffing envelopes for companies and things like that.

It really wasn’t until I discovered Mechanical Turks and eventually that I finally started putting together the opportunity at large.

Sure, at by this time, many organizations were allowing their employees to “work from home” and I even had a couple jobs that did the same, but this was more of an extension of the normal work environment that was going on 50 years prior. You had a boss, and they allowed you to login and work, just like you were there.

But now it’s different. Freelancers and people that work online are working with all sorts of companies. All at the same time. And they’re empowered because they know they can make more money than if they just worked on a salary.

The tides have turned. Skills and experience are the new resumes. Negotiations are the new interviews. Project completion are the new raises.

And we’re just getting started…

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  1. Totally agree bro! It still is out of the ordinary when I speak or say I work online to 99% of people they dont understand. Freelancing has brought me so much happiness I get to travel the world and live life on my terms!