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Welcome to The Online Worker Community! Forums Freelancer Forum Who are some of the top tier fullstack freelance devs /architects on upwork? Reply To: Who are some of the top tier fullstack freelance devs /architects on upwork?

  • mahogany

    June 10, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    Hi Emil,

    Here are a few:

    With that question answered though, I think a good further question would be related to strategy. “Pester them for their knowledge” is one approach, but perhaps Adam has some guidance here on a less bothersome way to approach other freelancers. If the end goal would be to develop a relationship, befriend and/or collaborate with these people, it may be better to start by considering ways to ADD value first (instead of TAKING value first).

    Like link 1 – Barry, he’s experienced with iOS SDK 10.x. Maybe you read about a recent update plan that you share an article about when you reach out (educate on something that maybe he hadn’t heard about) or a resource to make developing for WeChat more appealing to the end users in Asia (WeChat’s highest adoption is over in Asia).

    Additionally though, how would you even reach these guys? Figure out their social media handles then message them on there? Send them invites for jobs on Upwork that you have zero intention of hiring them for? I’d just be careful not to waste a freelancer’s time is what I’m getting at.

    So, if I were you, I’d consider having a honed strategy for how you’ll add value and also how you’ll reach them in the first place (in a way that doesn’t waste their time).