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  • 20 Ways To Dominate And Grow On Instagram!

    Posted by Austin Pierce Pierce on July 12, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    :fire: Here’s how to grow your Instagram following effectively.

    1. Post more frequently. Try posting at least 4 to 5  per week…. find content that is popular in your niche (via the explore feature) and repost that content (tag the original poster).

    2.Use 25 to 28 relevant hashtags on each post. You can use a free service called leetags and display purposes  to make sure you’re using the most relevant and best hashtags for your niche.  I recommend  display purposes.

    3. Go engage on pages where your ideal client is hanging out. For example, if you think your ideal customer is following Page X, go to Page X’s comments and find all the people who are commenting… go follow those people and start engaging on their feed.

    4. Use Instagram stories and IGTV. These features are game changers and can help a lot. Make live videos on your story, download them as a video (you’ll get a little “save” option after you record live. Click that option) and then crosspost on IGTV. Also on stories not many people know this but you can hashtag your best hashtag that is in your niche and also put the location of a big place like los angeles. also INSTAGRAM IS PUSHING IGTV BIG TIME! YOU CAN ALSO PUT A FULL SET OF HASHTAGS IN THE DESCRIPTION  OF YOUR IGTV VIDEO! MAKE SURE THEY ARE RELEVANT TO YOUR NICHE! 

    5. Follow the top instagrams that is in your niche and follow all of their followers. This is big

    6. Brand the name make it somehow a person can know the name and others will click on your profile to see what you are about, branding is very important, all top instagrams have a name that is simple and people know what they are about

    7. Make really great consistent content that is in your niche and use top hashtags within that niche

    8. Never use 3rd party apps. Never do this instagram will flag you and dramatically reduce your reach, also dont use the same hashtags 3 to 5 times in a row. Have 10 sets that are in your niche and rotate them, make videos. Also on igtv you can put hashtags on your post

    9. Also you can reset your caption and your hashtags on each post and gain more exposure and followers and likes… this is advanced technique i use

    10. Make posts people would be interested in and your name on there. Also make your bio well organized and lets people know who you are and what the business is about.

    11. Comment back to each person that comments on each post this helps your account insanely.

    12. Make interesting captions on each post that will grab the viewers attention and ask a question at the bottom of the caption.

    13. Gary vee 1.80 strategy go to a account similar to yours and bigger and like and comment there comment and comment on their post and everybody that commented on that post. Also follow the top accounts followers.

    14.NEVER BUY FOLLOWERS. It will destroy your engagement from that point on and instagram will flag you. And make you not grow to your potential.

    15. Optimize your bio efficiently and make it eye catching, make it to the point.

    Also make your profile picture eye catching as well, first impression is important.

    16. You can improve the SEO in your bio and your name. 

    17. There is a hidden feature called write alt text you write out what the picture is about and it helps Instagram expose your picture to the correct group of people. Another SEO technique 

    18. Also you can put the same SEO In your location and tags and also description as well as the alt tags and this helps Instagram   understand what your post is about  and helps you get more impressions.

    19. Also use the location and hashtags in your stories. Instagram is pushing stories really hard now.

    20. ULTIMATELY  START USING INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO GENERATE  MORE LEADS AND MORE CUSTOMERS! IT IS A GAMECHANGING PLATFORM AND   YOU WILL BENEFIT  INCREDIBLY  FROM IT!  the confusion is most people dont know how to use it! I hope these tips help you to step up your Instagram game and your business!!

    I have many more ways… but this is just some of them

    if you would like  to know more you can message me on here.


    Austin Pierce Pierce replied 4 years, 8 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Adam Palmer

    July 23, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Super cool of you to share this! Thanks!

  • Austin Pierce Pierce

    July 23, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Welcome bro!  

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